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Interpreting, editing.


The literature festival on the Monte Verità has been offering encounters with contemporary philosophers and writers for over 10 years. The festival communication involves all language regions of Switzerland.

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A literary event becomes an important venue for international authors.

A range of personal positions on literature is presented each year at the Cenacolo del Monte Verità. Abstract literary ideas and forms probe the chaotic interplay between reality and thought explosions representing the transformation of the landscape through reading.


Inspired by the marvellous signs of language, Hypertext connects literary thinkers and young writers from the different Swiss language regions that participate in the Cenacolo, providing access to a communication flow that facilitates exchange within the group. Over the years, Martina Knecht has personally accompanied Cenacolo mentors such as Paolo Di Stefano, Michela Murgia, Alessandro Leogrande, Prisca Agustoni and Fabio Pusterla as a liaison interpreter.

Client: Eventi letterari Monte Verità, 2014-2019


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