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And your ideas start to flow.

A neat appearance is a shining prerequisite for good business. This applies to the copy in your communication.

Secure the quality of your German and Italian texts quickly and effortlessly with Martina Knecht's Hypertext.



Have you already completed your first draft? Then send it in! I will make your text fluent and beautiful to read, making it an effective vehicle to convey your ideas. In the editing process, I pay attention not only to grammar, semantics and syntax, but also to style, formatting, terminology and localisation. 


Words may be changed, sentenced shortened or modified, and entire paragraphs omitted or reorganised.

From internal memos to web content, press releases, annual reports and advertising slogans, I make sure that your corporate language is consistently used at all levels of your communication.



Proofreading is the last link in the production chain of a text. It is therefore the last step in which changes can be made before it gets published.


Is your text ready for publishing? Make sure it's flawless before you share it with the world! I will carefully read your print layout (digital or paper) from top to bottom, correcting spelling and grammar and ensuring formal unity according to the Swiss language and publishing standards.

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