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Share your story.

A quick guide to brand storytelling.

A woman holding her hands like a pistol and pointing.
The hero as identification figure of your brand (Bang Bang, Illustration © Martina Knecht).

People don't just buy your products or services, they buy your stories.

By harnessing the power of storytelling, you can create an emotional connection with your audience and foster the identification of your customers with your brand.

1. Every great story transports us to a different world.

Similarly, when you talk about your story, you paint a vivid picture of your brand's journey, values, and mission in your audience's mind. This makes them remember you.

2. There is a hero in every story.

In your brand's story, your clients are the heros. Share their challenges, aspirations, and how your proposal becomes the catalyst for their transformation.

3. Every hero has to overcome their struggles.

And so do your clients. Highlight the pain points they might be experiencing. Connect how your product or service becomes the solution.

4. In every story, there's a climax moment where the hero decides to take action.

Inspire your audience to take that plunge. Show them how your brand can transform their lives.

5. Stories are about emotions.

Tap into the power of emotions to create a deep connection with your audience.

You have already written your own success story. I'll just put it into words.


Storytelling can make a difference in your business. Learn more about Martina Knecht's Hypertext's content writing services for the Swiss market.


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